ILLUSION DENTAL LAB has now introduced a modern process called DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING (DMLS). This system uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) data to fabricate the desired frame by selectively sintering the alloy powder layer by layer. This machine uses special based alloy, which is highly bio-compatible. It offers a high tensile strength of 1350mpa and has an excellent bonding strength.


  • Incredibly thinner margins when compared with conventional PFM.
  • The CAD process detects and eliminates undercut.
  • The CAM process facilitates equal space for ceramic layering and avoids ceramic chipping.
  • Long span bridges upto 14 units can be fabricated with high precision.
  • Limited warranty of 10 years available.
  • We offer Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, Fully anatomical metal crowns and bridges, Frameworks for removable prosthetics, Screw retained bridges, Inlays/ onlays & bars.
  • About Us

    Illusion Dental Lab Metal Partial Dentures guarantee maximum strength, biocompatibility and ideal fit.

      Benefits of DMLS Crowns, Bridges & Cast Partial Dentures

    • Purest form of chrome cobalt alloy with no nickel and no beryllium
    • Adjustability without the fear of breakage
    • CAD precision gives excellent fitting. High-strength, rigid and at the same time filigree geometries, and at the same time rules out casting errors
    • Light in weight



      1. What is covered*
        1. Repair or replacement of your dental prosthesis
      2. What is not covered*
        1. Cash refund for prosthesis
        2. Cost incurred for removal or insertion
        3. Repairs resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of supportive tooth or tissue structure, improper adjustment or improper dental hygiene
        4. Incidental or consequential damages, including inconvenience, lost wages, chairtime or pain and suffering
        5. Shipping cost for repairs
        6. Dental fees for repair and replacement of prosthesis
      3. Conditions must be met for warranty to Apply*
        1. Prosthesis must be inserted by a licensed, practicing dentist.
        2. Dental prosthetic must be returned with model work and warranty card
        Subject to Mumbai Court's Jurisdiction only *Warranty terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.